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BlackboxRed is loud, grunge, sexy and danceable. This duo is blasting off stage with guitars, drums and synthesizer. It's time to dance to the grunge!

A male drummer and a female guitarist from Friesland (the very north of Holland): two opposites in gender, differing 6 sizes in shoes, 350 days of age and 20 kilos in weight. Together they make a raw combination of grunge, blues and electro that encourages the crowd to start dancing. With their strong DIY attitude they already achieved a lot and constantly keep challenging themselves.

They're influenced by many grunge and electronic music like: Crystal Castles, Blood Red Shoes and The Dead Weather.

In their live performance BlackboxRed takes over the stage; both in front and letting the energy and chemistry take force.

-- In August 2011 the band took a trip to the French countryside to record their EP ?Battle the Sparrows?. This 6-song album will be released in Oktober 2011 in cooperation with Dying Giraffe Recordings --