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DJ Uzi

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In the early 90s Peter Tanahatoe (DJ UZI) started playing Hip Hop music in a youth centre in his home town of Leeuwarden. There he started a Hip Hip formation with 3 of his friends called 2 damn dope . 3 Mcs and him as the DJ. When time went by a new music scene crossed there path House. In the beginning of the house era they only watched it as visitors. Later they got more involved in the scene.

In 93 Peter started to buy house records and gave 2 partys at the youth centre.

In 94 a paty named gates to hell introduced itself near the city of Leeuwarden. These partys where a huge success and Peter and one of his friends decided to organize the after party in a club in Leeuwarden.

After a few successful 7 gates partys the organisation invited Peter to spin his records at one of their partys. There he got noticed by one of the guys from ID&T who asked him if he was interested to play at a thunderdome on tour in the north of Holland.

On this party he got company from one of the MCs of his old Hip Hop group and it became a huge success. They decided to kept this format and became known as UZI and Da Mouth of Madness.

In 1996 they were asked to play on the big Thunderdome 96 party in their home town, this was a dream come thru. After that they performed at Thunderdome, Love parade, Shadowlands, Earthquake, several times Misteryland and many more partys in Holland and abroad.

After a short period of taking it easy Peter made a short crossover to the beginning of hardstyle. He played on Qlub tempo, Dana and Holland exclusive, and 2 fast 4 trance. In this period he got asked to play more of the old early hardcore tunes. Peter took his records out of the shelves and played his records on House qlassics , Hardbase and Project In 2008 he also played at the mystery area on Mystery land and several smaller partys.

DJ UZI is one of the few DJs who played at major partys in the past without releasing a record himself.