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Enniz D

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Enniz D, born Nick Dennis van der Wijk on June 6, 1989, is a young upcoming talent in the electronic music scene. Everywhere he goes, people are bedazzled by his energetic way of playing the audience and his skills on the decks. Although his DJ carreer started of rather late, Enniz D always carried a great passion for music -in the broadest sence-, since his childhood. This is reflected in Enniz Ds music genre: Progressive, Tech, or Club are just a few examples of his music vocabulary.

Enniz D's carreer started at the age of 19, when he bought his first set of cd players. Hours and hours of practicing let to his first gig during Kolkbeatz, which he organised himself with a colleague in his hometown. This event, which is a combination of different music genres, attract about 800 visitors every edition. After performing on several editions of the now popular event KolkbeatZ, he started wandering for new clubs and locations to make his name. This led to several gigs in several clubs in different cities. Enniz Ds real breakthrough in the club circuit came during the two and a half anniversary of Club Q and SlamFM in November 2011.

Enniz D is set to make his name in the rest of Holland in 2012. Currently Enniz D is participating in the DJ contest bestedjvannederland. After being selected amongst the top 5 DJ's representing the province Friesland, he is now through to the preliminary rounds in the North - East region. Whether or not Enniz D will be representing the North - East region during the National Finals, one things is for sure: a DJ talent is on the rise.