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Reality Deformed

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In January 2011 the studio/solo project was founded by Jens. After 8 years of playing guitar, and being in some bands and trying out some musical experiments it was decided to start Reality Deformed as a one man project.

After a year of writing and recording there was enough material for a mini CD, but financially it was not yet feasible.

In January 2012 writing continued, with a few changes in the musical area, and also, Oane joined the project for vocals and lyrical writing as a try out. After he finished his first track with Jens (Natures Final Vengeance) it was such a success that he joined Reality Deformed as a full member. Since then they have been writing new material together.

In October 2012 the first Promo was released by the band, featuring 3 tracks. The first two are new material, and the last one earlier work featuring only Jens

Hopefully the planning for the mini CD will be wrapped up soon so it can be added to the list of releases.